I want to express my gratitude for so many years of providing a healing environment and taking such good care of me. I always feel so blessed and appreciative when I leave.
— Sherry
In April 1994, while working, I injured my low back and left arm. I was trying to lift and push something very heavy. I had hurt my low back sixteen years ago and it has been getting worse since then. The left arm hurt the most. I could only lift it to about even with the body. It throbbed and hurt all the time and would wake me up at night when I tried to move. My Job sent me to a Medical Doctor and physical therapy for two months. They used hot packs and put some electrical pads on me but the arm and back pain did not go away. I went to see Dr. Bretow towards the end of June 1994. The first time there he worked on me I was able to lift my arm all the way up. It hurt but I could do it. By the third time I saw Dr. Bretow, I could lift my arm with almost no pain. I can now use my arm completely with hardly any pain. My low back is feeling much better too. I have a lot more strength and energy now. More than even before the accident.
I am eating more fruits and vegetables but is hard to change old habits.
— Miguel B.
For many years I knew I had a tendency toward TMJ pain, but when I turned 39 it kicked into full gear and became a chronic problem. The doctor said I had TMJ and handed me a list of things not to do, but no suggestions for further treatment. Upon visiting my dentist he showed great concern and explained to me that if this problem isn’t taken care of I would have real problems because the longer it continues it will slowly degenerate that area of my jaw. Not only did this degenerating condition affect the future for me, but at the present time I was unable to open my mouth more than half way which caused a difficulty for my singing of high notes – a real must for a voice teacher and singer who is trying to demonstrate to her students a dropped loose jaw. I couldn’t open my mouth wide enough for a deli sandwich, a whole apple, etc. I have friends who have spent a few thousand dollars to treat TMJ with metal braces on the teeth. (Can you imagine a 39 year old singer with braces?) After finding out that there was potentially another avenue thru Steven Bretow thru his method of chiropractic medical procedures, I was willing to give it a try. The results shocked and astounded me – within 2 visits after 6 months of a chronic, consistent problem, I came away with a raging headache and pain in both sides of my jaw that made me wonder; what did he do to me? The next morning I was able to open my mouth to its widest capacity and have has no pain since then. That was 3 months ago and the condition has not reappeared.
— Kathleen S.
l have been a faithful patient of Dr. Steven Bretow for about 8 years now. About 2 years ago I was involved in a minor car accident, not my fault, and not only did Dr. Bretow take care of my physical well being he also urged me to seek legal council and gain compensation for my lost time and well being caused by the accident. I was admittedly nervous about engaging in this action, I had never done something like this before, but with patient father like care Dr. Bretow helped me see the benefits of seeking legal counsel. My case was reviewed, legal action was taken, and in the end I was favorably compensated for my loss of time and the damage done to my wellbeing. Dr. Bretow is an outstanding man that genuinely cares for his patients both inside and outside of his office and I highly value his opinions and advice.
— Kristine A.
A huge thank you for all your support throughout my pregnancy. I truly appreciate your keeping my body balanced, and giving/ loaning us “stuff” to dress me, dress Julian, feed Julian and keep us comfortable. May you feel as cared for as you make me feel.
— Cynthia
I have been using Dr. Steve’s chiropractic services for a little over a year now. When I first started the services I was in ‘bad’ shape! My lower back hurt, my legs were aching and my back and shoulders had constant pain. It was recommended that I first start out twice a week, then once a week, then every other week, and now I am to the point where I go once a month. I still use the services, however, my pain is slowly subsiding and I can honestly say that I have been seeing chiropractors for many years and this one, by far, is the very best! I recommend Westside Family Chiropractic services for your chiropractic needs.
— A.S.
Dear Ann,

It was truly a pleasure to meet you today. I enjoyed learning about cranial-sacral and understanding more about your chiropractic method. I have to say it was the most pleasant chiropractic experience I have ever had! I look forward to be able to refer my clients to you- it has been a long time since I felt comfortable referring clients because I wasn’t happy with my last few experiences. I look forward to receiveing your caring work again in the future.
— Sandy E.
I started going to Steve Bretow, D.C. in June of this year. When I entered Steve’s office for my first back examination, I felt awful — my lower back seemed twisted, my upper back was in pain. What’s more, I did not feel very hopeful! Since Steve’s hard chiropractic work on my back and my determination to feel better, I feel much better and my mental and emotional levels are much more stable. I am writing this with the hope that it will help someone in pain to read this and feel better about their decision to have chiropractic care - as a tool to use toward wellness. You have used good judgement and made a good choice. The office staff is also very positive and friendly. It is hard to write my feelings after being in pain and feeling bad for so long. All I can say is, I feel good — I feel much better. Thanks, Steve.
— Patricia H.
Ann Honigman is an amazing healer. I’m not the kind of person who uses the word “healer” often, but Ann has diagnosed and fixed so many musculo-skeletal issues for me and my friends over the years, I’m left with no other word. I’m an active biker, rock climber, and backpacker so I get banged up (and out of balance) now and again. The level of personal care and expertise is simply amazing!!!
— J.R.
I started seeing Dr. B. several months ago on a referral from a friend. He is super. I have chronic pain, arthritis and problems with two old back injuries. When I first went in I was sceptical about whether or not I would get relief. I’d had chiropractic treatment before and knew much depended on the practitioner. Dr. Bretow was amazing. He is incredibly thorough and I am seeing improvements in my pain level every time I see him. He doesn’t just crack the spine. He does a series of energetic healings first, then there is a deep tissue massage and when he does the adjustment the muscles are so relaxed it is more of a glide than a crack. I highly recommend him.
— J.F.